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Journal of Nehru Gram Bharati University (ISSN: 2319-9997)


Author Guidelines



The Journal of Nehru Gram Bharati (JNGBU) publishes original research work, reviews, topical articles and short notes/ communications. The aim of the journal is to publish research from multidisciplinary research including Science, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. It is essential that authors should prepare their manuscripts according to prescribed specifications. Failure to follow them may result in papers being delayed or rejected. Therefore, contributors are strongly encouraged to read these instructions carefully before preparing a manuscript for submission. Moreover, the manuscripts should be checked carefully to avoid grammatical errors.


Author Guidelines

Original research papers:Manuscripts should contain new experimental results in the field of research in elaborate form that constitute a significant contribution to advancement of knowledge. Research Papers should not exceed 10 typed pages.

Review articles:Review papers should present an account of progress of research in a particular area and bring out the most important aspects of the topic under review. Care should be taken that the review article should not be a mere compilation of scattered research results, but it should make an interesting story of development of understanding in the particular field. The article should be limited to 10-12 typed pages.

Manuscript Structure:Prepare the manuscript in Times New Roman font using a font size of 12. Title shall be in a 14 font size with bold face along with initial capitals. All section titles in the manuscript shall be in font size 12, bold face capitals. Subtitles in each section shall be in font size 12, bold face lower case. Standard International Units could be used throughout the text. Pages should not be numbered, manuscript should be starting with the title page and the text should be arranged in the following order:

⇒ Title page

⇒ Abstract

⇒ Introduction

⇒ Materials and Methods

⇒ Results and Discussion (Figures, Table titles and legends must be submitted by excel sheet only)

⇒ Conclusion

⇒ Acknowledgements

⇒ References (must be in numerical in text as well as reference numbers should in bracket)

Title Page: The title must be as brief as possible, comprehensive and descriptive. Each author must provide their full name including their forenames and surname followed by their address in normal face lower case. The Corresponding Author of the manuscript must be marked with an asterisk, and should be listed first. In addition, the corresponding author must include telephone, fax and E-mail address at the bottom left corner of the title page. If any of the co-authors are from different organizations, their addresses too should be mentioned and indicated using numbers after their names.

Abstract: Should start on a new page after the title page and should present the rationale of the study, the main findings, and principal conclusions, not more than 200 words. All the three categories, Review Articles, Research papers and Short Communications should have an Abstract.

Keywords: 3-6 keywords are to be provided by the authors in italic format.

Introduction:Should start on a new page and should clearly indicate the aim/scope of the study

Material and Methods:The section Material and Methods should include concise details on the methodology adopted; sufficient to repeat the experiment. The statistical method and the level of significance chosen should be clearly stated.

Results and Discussion:Authors should describe results in systematic manner. Description may be sub-sectionalized as required for clearer presentation of results obtained.

All results presented in tabular or graphical form should be described in this section. All Tables and figures must have a caption and a legend to make them self-explanatory and they should be given numbers. Tables and Figures should be typed on separate excel format sheets have to be submitted.

The discussion section should be presented in such a way that results provide an advancement of knowledge in the topic of research. Presentation should be logical and reference-based interpretation of the results. It should bring out whether the results are in support of or in contradiction to available accepted view point. Discussion must be concise and fluent presentation of rational interpretation of results obtained.


Conclusion:The principal conclusions of the study may be presented in clear statements based on the findings of the study.

References:References should be in the body of the text and must follow in accordance with the International Council of Documentations. The author surname followed by year, title of the manuscript, name of the journal, volume number and pages, e.g.:
Ojha R, P; Rastogi M; Sagar, C; Agrawal, A; GP Dubey: Protective effect of curcuminoids on age-related mitochondrial impairment in female Wistar rat brain; Biogerontology 15 (1), 21-31,2017

Book reference:Ojha R. P. & Dubey G.P. Ayurveda and Brain Ageing, CCRAS, AYUSH, Govt. of India 2008.

Acknowledgement:Author must acknowledge the funding source, technical assistance in performing the experiments and Experts who suggested/interpreted results in preparation of the manuscript.

Conflict of Interest:All authors are requested to disclose conflict of interest.

Figures and Tables:Manuscripts will be accepted with the understanding that the authors have obtained the necessary authority for publication from their university/institute including collaborators and co-authors. Authors must ensures that the articles submitted to journal is understood to imply that it have not been submitted for publication in another journal. It will be the responsibilities of the authors to ensure originality of the research work. Plagiarism if noted or reported will be the sole responsibility of the contributors.

Manuscripts should be neatly typed, Two-spaced format in Word format and tables. The maps, graphs and figures should be in JPEG format. Manuscript should be typed in Times New Roman uniform size with at least 2.5 cm margins on left and right. The complete name and address of the Corresponding Author should be in footnote at title page of the manuscript.

Authors should also indicate the names of 3-4 reviewers with their complete contact address (Name, address affiliation, email, and mobile number). The manuscript should submit to Editorial Secretary; via E mail: / in separate files: as text, table, map/figure.

Language:Hindi and English

Contacts:All correspondence should be addressed to:

Editorial Secretary:
Dr. Rudra Prakash Ojha
Director, Research Centre
Nehru Gram Bharati (Deemed to be University),
Prayagraj-221505, U.P., India,

Language::Hindi and English

Editorial Board