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NGB (Deemed-to-be-University) is known for its vibrant campus, with the active participation of its students and staff in various social awareness activities, which brings about holistic development. These activities are organized under the auspices of the in-house NCC, NSS, Rovers & Rangers, Alumni and various departments. These events on average see active participation of 38% of the student community. In the last 5-years, programs have been organized in collaboration such as NGOs, Hospitals, Blood Banks, Govt., agencies and more. The various programs, as highlighted below provide a holistic development of students be it – the importance of blood donation, safe living in the neighborhood, empathy to fellow humans, make students aware of the current social challenges the society and nation at large are facing or be it the importance of body-mind wellness. Orientation programs are conducted for the first-year students to sensitize them to social issues and motivate them to enroll for NSS, NCC, Rovers & Rangers for their holistic development. Through these platforms the registered students will be able to participate in various extension and outreach programs organized by NGB(DU).

1. Blood Donation Camp: In collaboration with GAMA CHIKITSA Sansthan, blood donation camp was organized. On average 250 students and faculty have donated blood in this blood donation camp.

2. Safety: Programs for traffic rule awareness, self-defense, Women and Child Safety, etc., are conducted. In the recent past awareness of mask and being safe from COVID-19 has been also introduced.

3. Supporting Humanity: JANAMI Shikha Vikas Abhiyaan and visits to nearby villages, Orphanages and other Charitable Institutions to understand the societal issues and support the inmates.

4. Awareness Rallies: Students and faculty participate in various rallies like Traffic Awareness Rally, Beti-Bachao, Beti-Padhao Rallies, Legal Awareness Rally etc.

5. Adoption of nearby Villages: NGB(DU) has adopted 05 nearby villages, Viz. Dalapur,  Malkhanpur, Ajwaiyan, Kotwa, Dubawal with the aim to contribute towards the economic and social betterment of these village communities.

6. Awareness Programs: Throughout the year various awareness programs are organized such as Health check-up, No-Smoking, Women empowerment, Rights to Education, Against Child labor, Ganga River Cleaning, etc., are all organized with the active participation of students and staff members. In the recent pandemic awareness of using masks in the correct way and sanitization was promoted.

7. Wellness Programs: The students and faculty participate in various programs for overall wellness such as – Yoga sessions, Fitness, Eye-Check-up camps, Spiritual wellness leading to wellness and living a purposeful life. In the recent pandemic, Yoga day with practice sessions (online) was organized for faculty and students

8. Voluntary Services: The students and faculty of various departments are engaged in neighborhood community service by supporting the needy citizens by donating stationary, old garments and other items as per their requirements.

9. Open Cross Country Marathon Race:  Organised on 01st October of Every Year. The Cross Country Marathon Race is open for all. Many of participants of nearby villages also participated