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Introduction & Importance: The laboratory is considered as one of the most important sections in the HeIs. It provides various practical experiences of the various stated theories of various disciplines  Computer laboratory is also one of the important sections and 99% of the Institutes are using it. It is also mandatory at the time of digitization. NGB(DU) has always tried to have best laboratory facility with advanced equipments and technology of all time for students.

The importance of laboratory in an Institute can be derived from the real learning experience of several topics. Therefore, laboratory plays an important role to experiencing the new things for the students with the available resource. The real experience in the laboratory help students to learn things in better way and also help in remembering for a long time.The combination of both laboratory and classroom makes an Institute unique from others.

Types of Laboratory

At NGB(DU) , departments have facility of laboratory for both UG, PG & Doctoral students as per the demand of their relevnt curriculum of the programmes offered.

Faculty of Science:

Department of Botany

Department of Zoology

Department of Chemistry

Department of Physics


Faculty of Arts:

Department of Geography

Department of Home Science

Department of Journalism and Mass Communication


Faculty of Education:

Department of Teacher Education

Department of Special Education


Faculty of Management & Computer Application:

Department of Management

Department of Computer Application


Faculty of Law:

Department of Law (Moot Court)


Apart from the above laboratories in the departments, a separate Central Instrumentation Facility is also available at Research Centre loacated at Shashi Campus having advanced scientific equipments/Instruments and is available for use as per the demand by the student/Research Scholars through the departments.



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